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Unbundling: Limit What Legal Services You Want

Hiring an attorney to represent you through an entire family law legal proceeding can be expensive or more than you believe you need. At Reed Law, we offer an alternative option to our clients that allows the client to narrow the attorney’s role to just what specific service or services the client wants. This is known as providing unbundled services. It allows clients access to legal services that they would otherwise not receive and minimizes their financial commitment. Some of the unbundled services that Reed Law performs are as follows:

  • provide legal advice
  • review/analyze draft correspondence, settlement proposals, and agreements prepared by the client, or other spouse/parent
  • prepare specific documents for the client to present to the other spouse/parent, or file with the Court such as a settlement agreement, initial petition, or settlement offer letter
  • perform legal research on an issue
  • discovery – provide advice on what additional information client should get, and how to get it
  • strategic planning for negotiations
  • attorney on-call during client’s mediations, depositions, or hearings to answer questions client may have
  • preventative planning advice